Ins Eis / Gone Cold

Fertiges Drehbuch in Deutsch und Englisch
Final screenplay in German and English

Mystery, Drama

Eine junge Mutter auf der Suche nach der Wahrheit über den Tod ihres Mannes in der lebensbedrohlichen Wildnis Spitzbergens.
Romanadaption meines Romans “Ins Eis”.

When her husband freezes to death in polar bear country, a young mother retraces his steps, seeking answers from a family that has lethal secrets to keep.
Based on my novel “Ins Eis”.

Pulled Under

Englisches Drehbuch.

Thriller, Mystery

At a remote mountain lake, a newly widowed urbanite pursues justice for the drowned energy healer whose soul has nested inside her, and soon has to run from both her own and the other woman’s enemies.

In Entwicklung

Serienkonzept für “Die Druidin”